Support Elias and the MinnChic Outreach

Elias Barnhart and MinnChic!

Elias has been attending the Discipleship Training School at the Youth With a Mission (YWAM) base in Salem, Oregon. He will soon be heading to Minneapolis and Chicago for an inner city outreach for another 12 weeks. They have nicknamed their outreach MinnChic in light of their Minneapolis and Chicago destinations. While in Minneapolis and Chicago Elias and his team will be working with mercy ministries helping the homeless, addicts, and refugees.

They will also be conducting seminars for the Greenhouse Community and Beloved Ministries. With these ministries they will be leading bible studies, prayer meetings, and worship times. They will be working with international college students, immigrants, and the houseless.

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Elias has been invited to join the Minneapolis and Chicago outreach team (MinnChic), but what will they be doing?

  • Joining up with the Kona team – For the Chicago portion of their outreach the MinnChic team will be joining up with another outreach team coming from the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii. They are really excited to meet their other team mates and see what God wants to do in Chicago.
  • Helping the Refugees and Immigrants – There is a nonprofit organization in Minneapolis that works with Refugees and Immigrants from all over the world. The MinnChic team will have opportunities to serve these marginalized peoples in a number of ways. Pray God brings breakthrough in the hearts of these people.
  • Houseless Youth Focus – We are all familiar with the increasing needs of houseless communities. The MinnChic team will be joining other non-profit organizations that specialize in serving the houseless youth of Minneapolis and Chicago. Their hope is to do more than just serve felt needs but bring lasting impact in the lives of those who have no home to sleep in.