Who We Are

Imagine Theatre is a faith-based community of 100+ students from 50+ families who have been performing in musical theatre shows for the last 10+ years. Due to financial constraints, the original organization that Imagine Theatre was a part of cut 50% of their programming which resulted in the organization cutting all of their Oregon locations. Imagine Theatre has the determination and energy to re-imagine the programming to better meet the needs of their community.

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Here is a quick summary of what Imagine Theatre is planning to offer in their new organization:

  • Updated Commitment to Classes – Students who want to participate in shows must also take classes to continue to hone their trade. Classes will be expanded to offer more backstage arts, direction/production, and hands-on learning style classes. We are raising the next generation to be life-long patrons of the arts.
  • Artistic Programming – Continued commitment for professional-level shows and productions. Create new opportunities for student leadership and creativity through the creation of the Festival of One Acts (short performances written, produced, and directed by students).
  • Inclusive Focus – The new organization will have a renewed focus in regards to inclusivity. This will look like intentional efforts to include students from all backgrounds of life ranging from socio-economic, faith, race, etc. ALL are welcome and loved.